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ar_podfic's Journal

Adama-Roslin audio fic
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Audio fic about Adama Roslin
This is the Adama-Roslin podfic creation MEETING PLACE.
The sole purpose of this community is to bring authors, readers/recorders and fans together, so that as much AR podfic as possible is produced.

Community Rules

1. An elementary principle of common courtesy is that the author, as copyright holder, at all times is the one to decide whether her fic can be recorded at all, and whether it can be read by a certain someone in particular.
Of course no one can prevent anyone from doing anything. It's just incredibly impolite

2. A story can read/recorded more than once, and by more than one reader, if the author so desires that.

3. No money exchanges hands here. This is us helping each other out and enjoying ourselves mightily will doing so. Nothing we do will have any commercial relevance.

General disclaimer
Battlestar Galactica as well as Bill Adama and Laura Roslin are created by Ronald D. Moore, Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. All kudos go to them. We intent no infringement of whatever sort. They simply have done such a superb job that we cannot get enough of their creation and feel the need to play in their fields. We make no money out of this. We are grateful and we will follow their careers when they move on to other endeavors.

Practical issues

Completed A/R podfics are posted to Junjurly's Podfic Archive
That site also contains very useful how-tos about reading and recording fic.
Other useful hints can be found at podfic_tips.