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Please do not podfic this!

Not that anyone would ever podfic a story without the authors' consent,

but if you, as a fanfic author, don't want your A/R fic to be recorded and not want to be asked repeatedly and
  • either want to generally opt-out for all your A/R stories
  • or opt-out for certain stories, or certain types of fic (for instance of a certain rating)

 Please leave a comment here, stating:

  • pen name
  • what you don't want podficced (Story name or general opt-out, or specific opt-out for certain types of fic
There's no reason to give a reason. Your wish is our command.
But if you want to add a reason, please do.

Please use pen name and title/general idea in the subject of your comment. It will help people find it more easily.

AUTHORS looking for readers/recorders

You are an A/R author. You have written a story you'd love to make available in audio form, but you don't want to read/record it yourself?

=> Add a comment to this posting, stating:
* Pen name
* Story title
* Link to text version of the story
* Size (in number of words)
* "I declare that I wrote this story, and have the right to have it podficced."
* Sort of accents that are welcome

Please add the story's title in your comment's title. It makes it easier to find.

If you want to read and record a story offered, post a comment responding to the writer's comment.

If you want to be updated of new authors and new stories offered here, please track this post.
You want to read/record Adama-Roslin fic?

=> Add a comment to this posting, stating:
* preferences, if any (for instance angst, long series)
* dislikes, if any (graphic sex, character death)
* gender (male/female voice)
* accent (f.i. native speaker, Scottish accent)

If you, as a writer, see a reader/recorder's comment, and want her/him to read /record your story, post a comment responding to their comment.

oh-please-will-you-podfic-your-story list

There's this Adama-Roslin fanfic story that you lurve.
You really hope it will be podficced soon.
You cannot read/record it yourself for whatever reason.
But still you want the recording - badly.

Here's the "oh please" section, especially for you.

Post a comment stating:
* writer (pen name and or LJ name)
* title
* link to text version of the story
* motivation for asking for this podcast. What makes this so special for you?

Please use the writer and author as "subject" in your comment, so that others can see that the request is already out, and they can second your request by adding their urgings to yours.

EDIT: Some authors have opted out from their A/R stories being podficced.
Check out the list here


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